Who:       Stephanie Williams
What:     Momma, wife, birth doula,  Certified Placenta Arts                                                                                              Specialist
Where:   Living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
                   Serving Greater South Western Pennsylvania, West                              Virginia and surrounding areas
When:    Since March 2014
Why:       I have always had an interest in pregnancy and babies ever since I can remember. I have always been seen as the caregiver in my family. I had a cesarean birth in 2011 which had both positive and negitive aspects. Following my daughters birth I suffered with postpartum anxiety, depression and OCD. 
Although I wish I had not gone through thos Postpartum Mood disorders, I would not have been as aware as I am now about how they truly affect anyone. A lot of what I do is because I believe it is so important to have support when you truly need it.

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