A few questions you may have when considering a birth doula:


What kind of births do you attend?
There is no single kind of birth I attend. I have attended: 
  • vaginal and cesarean

  • twins and singletons

  • medicated and unmedicated

  • hospital and birth center

  • induced and spontaneous labor

  • OB and Midwife





Will you labor at home with me?
Yes. I will come to you when you need my support. If it is very early labor, I will ask that you keep me updated and I will arrive as things progress a little farther. If I am there from the begining, I may become too exausted to be of use when you physically need me.
What do we do during a prenatal meeting?

In prenatal meetings, we often go over your fears, concerns, learning how we all might work best as a team, getting to know eachother, birth plans and more!


Do you have a back-up doula in case something prevents you from coming to my birth?

Absolutely, I have the privilege of working with many doulas and we all back each other up when we can.