The process:

  1. Contract (found here) emailed to or sent to: 2403 Radiant Street Pittsburgh PA 15210 and $50 deposit paid via paypal, check, venmo or invoice with card.

  2. Transport kit will be mailed out to your home

  3. Call Stephanie after birth, when placenta is ready for pick up.

  4. Stephanie will either process the placenta in her work space or your chosen location.

  5. Your finished product will then be delivered within 24-48 hours.

**Any and all questions will be answered in a timely manner via email, phone or text at (412) 414-9336

  • 3 years 
  • 100+ placentas
Training and certifications:
  • Association of Placenta Preparation Arts Certification
  • ServSafe Food Handler
  • Placenta Specific BloodBourne Pathogens Course

Birth Places Served :

  • Magee

  • West Penn

  • Jefferson Memorial

  • The Midwife Center

  • Butler Memorial

  • St. Clair

  • Sewickly

  • Indiana

  • Armstrong

  • Forbes

  • Wheeling

  • And more! Just ask.

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Placenta package with heart cord

"I was super Impressed with her services and turn around time...... I feel like it is really making a difference in helping speed along my recovery. If we were planning on having any more babies we would definitely use Stephanie's encapsulation services again." Ashley Goodman