It is okay to feel that way!

Right after having a baby, you are supposed to be elated and in love, right?! That is the picture they put in your head. "They" being everyone.

The pictures in magizines.

The stories your friends are telling you.

Information in books.

I'm here to tell you, it isnt always like that.

Not every person is head over heels in love with their newest family member. No matter how long you have waited for that baby, sometimes it takes time.

You have just met. You know nothing about that little one, and they know nothing about you. They are basically just a tiny stranger who was living inside of you for 9ish months. You don't normally fall in love with a stranger, do you?

I mean, you just gave birth, take a moment to breath for gosh sakes!

It is okay to take time to get to know your baby before feeling all that love for them. It does not mean you are a bad parent. It does not mean anything is wrong with you.

It does mean that you are human and you have emotions. We don't all have the same feelings at the same times.

You can do this. Give yourselves time! It will all happen as it should.


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