A. Goodman​

Stephanie encapsulated my placenta, preserved the cord, and made placenta prints for us after the birth of our 4th child. I was super Impressed with her services and turn around time. She picked up the placenta at the hospital the morning our baby was born and delivered the encapsulated placenta, prints, and cord to our home the next afternoon. Not having previously had the placenta encapsulated for any of our previous children's birth I feel like it is really making a difference in helping speed along my recovery. If we were planning on having any more babies we would definitely use Stephanie's encapsulation services again.

C. Stone​

SOOO glad I had Stephanie at my birth. I was a newly single mom, my labors tend to be long and I can get pretty dramatic, so it really mattered to me who was present. I needed support and strength and someone who would stick it out to the very end. Stephanie was fantastic. She followed up with me after the birth, made sure I was okay. I highly recommend  her. She brought a lot of positive to the birth of my daughter. 

I've heard great things about her post partum services too!

A. Blanchard

We chose Stephanie to encapsulate our placenta with our most recent birth. We were extremely pleased not only with her willingness to travel to us, but with the quickness in her turnaround.(completed product returned the night after birth!). 

Taking the placental pills helped my milk come in MUCH quicker and helped me to avoid postpartum depression this time around! We have and will continue to recommend Stephanie!

K. S. Barkley

Stephanie was my birth doula for my first child's birth in November. She gave my care first priority while on call for me, even though some important personal events happened during that time. I had a very long natural labor at a birthing center before deciding to transfer to the hospital for medical augmentation and pain relief. Stephanie was by my side for several days with only one or two short breaks for food, and one of those was because she and my husband had to leave anyway while my epidural was being inserted. The choice to transfer to the hospital and use medical interventions was 100% my own, and Stephanie was nothing but supportive and informative. Her knowledge of birth and calm presence really helped relieve some of my husband's worries and helped him better support me. The three of us and the midwives and nurses attending the birth were an excellent team, and I'm so thankful to have been in such good hands so my daughter's entrance into the world was characterized by peace and love.

K. R. Lev

Stephanie was such a help to us when we expanded our family. I was recovering from cesarean and so she helped drive my car to pick up my older kids from school, drove me to the grocery store, and even supported me at an IEP meeting I had to attend with my newborn. She was very in tune to my needs postpartum and such a vital piece of my recovery.

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